Vaibhav Sethia: Don't

Vaibhav Sethia: Don't



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It was a bright sunny morning and Vaibhav hated it. So he slept again. He loves potential energy and hates kinetic energy. Laying in bed he scribbled what he calls 'bookmark moments' of life. Today he calls them jokes. See him perform them on Amazon Prime Video, in his solo show named - Don't.He constituted the first batch of stand up comics from Kolkata, then moved to Mumbai, and now he's performed over a 1000 shows in all major cities of our country.Apart from Stand Up, he has written YouTube sketches and web series'. All his stand up clips on youtube have more than a million views.Most of what Vaibhav talks about, are funny renderings of what all us go through every day, and some others are the escapades of his thoughts about how our world works.

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