The Hoodlum Saint

The Hoodlum Saint


Drama / Music

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: 6.2

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A former reporter returns home after serving in the Army during World War I and discovers that finding work is more difficult than he expected. Desperate, one day he crashes a wedding attended by many of the city's rich and powerful, meets a beautiful girl named Kay Lorrison (Esther Williams), who turns out to be his ticket to meeting those rich and powerful people, and he soon manages to land a job on a newspaper. He gets caught up in the "make money at all costs" game, but receives a rude awakening when the stock market crashes in 1929. The Depression's lows uncovers new plateaus that this vet couldn't foresee while raking in the big bucks. Spiritual nudges help Our Man to finally see the light that money can't buy everything, especially the love and happiness he's been searching for.

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