The Future Is Woman

The Future Is Woman



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In a crowded nightclub, Malvina, a six month-pregnant young woman is harassed by a group of drifters. Anna rescues her and decides to take her home where she and her husband Gordon hosts her for a night. Anna and Gordon, a childless couple and strange ties bind the trio. There is a game of winks and temptations, desires and jealousies, sex and double awareness: on the one hand that of not being able to have a child, on the other that of not knowing how to grow it. Between sudden mood swings and the defensive indecisions that anticipate passion, what develops between the three is a vortex made of desire that becomes sex and then perhaps love, in which it is always women who lead the game, who seduce themselves to each other and then to seduce the man together, and never the other way around.

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