Switched Before Birth

Switched Before Birth


Drama / Thriller

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Skyler Samuels ("Scream Queens") plays Olivia Crawford, who, after multiple miscarriages and various failed rounds of in vitro fertilization, finally becomes pregnant with twins with husband Brian (Bo Yokely). During her successful IVF process she meets Anna Ramirez (Justina Machado), who is similarly struggling to conceive, but once she also becomes pregnant, she bonds with Olivia as they celebrate their happy news. Anna eventually suffers a miscarriage, and her marriage to her husband Gabe (Yancey Arias) deteriorates. The twist: When Olivia gives birth to her twins, they discover that not only are the two babies not twins, but one is biologically Anna and Gabe's, implanted into Olivia by accident. The two women become at odds, as Olivia aims to keep the baby she carried and gave birth to, while Anna fights to bring her biological son home.

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