She Is the Ocean

She Is the Ocean



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SHE IS THE OCEAN - a full-length documentary about great women. An in-depth exploration into the lives of nine astonishing women from all four corners of the globe. These inspiring women share one love - the deep love for the Ocean. Heroes: Cinta Hansel - Balinese girl working on realising her dream to surf Pipeline Coco Ho - Pro Hawaiian surfer & daughter to Pro surfer Michael Ho Keala Kennelly - Pro surfer & winner of the WSL "Barrel of the year 2016" Andrea Moller - Big wave surfer & winner of WSL "Women best performance 2016" Anna Bader - German high diver & 7-time European Champion in cliff diving Rose Molina - free-diver, ballet dancer Ocean Ramsey - Shark conservationist & free diver from Hawaii Jeannie Chesser - Surfing icon & mother of the late legendary surfer Todd Chester Sylvia Earle - Marine biologist, explorer & the first female chief scientist of the U.S.

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