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One of the greatest comebacks of all time in sports. Kyle Busch is the most polarizing driver of the contemporary NASCAR series. Unmatched talent and singular determination to win at everything, Busch confronts his physical limits when he sustains what could be a career ending wreck in 2015 only to find a path to the first of what will undoubtedly be many Cup Series Championships. Rowdy is an American documentary film about the NASCAR career of Kyle Busch. The film was produced by Chance Wright, the owner of Wright Productions, along with Venture 10 Studio Group, in collaboration with NASCAR Productions. Starring Busch, the film gives an inside look at Busch, both on and off the track. The film includes interviews and commentary from high-profile NASCAR names such as Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Rick Hendrick, Joe Gibbs, (Kyle Busch's team owner), Kurt Busch, (Busch's older brother who also races in NASCAR), Samantha Busch, (Busch's wife), along with others.

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