On the wave

On the wave


Documentary / Family / Sport

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'On The Wave' - the first Russian surf movie. Unrestrained power of the ocean... Professional surfers and fearless newcomers... A unique interweaving of destinies...The ocean will open its arms for those who are ready to touch it and feel the real freedom! Heroes: KELLY SLATER / the legend, 11th ASP World Champion POL / young prorider NIKITA ZAMEHOVSKY / the first Russian surfer, a professional surf instructor MASHA / beginner surfer MADE / indonesian EUGENE TSYSHKOV / surf school «Surfdiscovery» FRED ROBIN (FREDO) / prosurfer RISTO SWAN (KAPI) / finnish surfer TIPI JABRIK / indonesian prosurfer MATT GEORGE / famous jurnalist and editor of international major surfing publications, Editor-in-Chief 'SURFTIME', producer and actor of the film 'In God's Hands' GENE KREYD / the legendary russian surfer and artist

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