Dying to Belong

Dying to Belong



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When Lisa starts her freshman year of college, everything seems perfect. She has a new job on the university paper, a handsome new boyfriend, Steven, and together with her new roommate, Shelby, she's pledging a sorority. Her world changes drastically during the sorority's "hell week" as new pledges are asked to perform degrading tasks. Lisa begins to wonder about becoming a sorority sister, but decides to stick it out because she's a "legacy"-that is, her mother is a founding member. During hell week, Shelby mysteriously falls from the campus clock tower late one night and dies. After getting over the initial shock, Lisa becomes convinced that it wasn't a suicide as everyone wants to believe. She begins her own investigation with Steven's help. But no one on campus will listen to them: Lisa's sorority sisters refuse to talk about that night, and the campus officials have closed the case...

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