Die Die Delta Pi

Die Die Delta Pi



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In late 1980s, when times were fun, technology was changing, clothes were Rad and girls were Bad; there was one thing that didn't change, traditions. Delta Pi, a long-lasting sorority institution in the heart of Tampa, Florida, keeps that tradition "alive"...until late 1986 Spring Break when a serial killer was just coming to light. When a group of Delta Pi Sisters decide to pull a prank on one of their own; a Sister they hate, a Sister who's smarter than they are, prettier and too young to be part of the Delta Pi group; a prank that goes horribly wrong, fatally wrong during a traditional Spring Break ceremonial burning of the House Mother dummy to start the new season. It was supposed to be an embarrassing moment for Marissa Chambers in the hopes that she would step down as a member of the sorority, but that doesn't happen. After being burned to death, the serial killer strikes with dire consequences. A serial killer that may or may not be related to Marissa. It was a gruesome and ...

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