Cold Lunch

Cold Lunch



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Christer (27) is on his way to work when a seagull shits on his shirt. Down in the Laundromat in the basement he suddenly remembers that all his rent money is in his shirt pocket. In an attempt to save the money, he takes out the main fuse of the building to stop the washing machine. When the superintendent puts the fuse back in, an old man in an apartment above clumsily changes fuses in his own fuse-cabinet. The man dies immediately. His daughter, Leni (40) has lived completely isolated with her father. Now she is alone for the first time of her life. When fresh first-time mother Heidi (30) is down to get her laundry, she notices that all the machines have stopped. She is in a hurry and has to grab the clothes all wet. Without knowing it, Christer has started the inevitable.

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