Arjun Patiala

Arjun Patiala


Action / Comedy

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: 4.2

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Arjun Patiala(Diljit Dosanjh)has recently been initiated into the police service. A man who has spend most of his early life disciplining himself in Judo and getting into the forces now decides its time to take it easy. He's introduced to his loyal "chita munshi" who soon turns into a confidant- Onida Singh. ( Varun Sharma) We quickly realise Arjun Patiala's quirks - That he is fond of women, and even fonder of his drink. But his quirky, original and unusual ideas help him reduce the crime rate in the city without even moving a finger. Along the way Arjun falls in love with a firebrand news reporter - Ritu Randhawa (Kriti Sanon) who might pull the curtain on his deeds. A laugh riot film, Arjun Patiala will leave you in splits.These unforgettable characters are definitely here to stay.

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