Alice in Marialand

Alice in Marialand


Drama / Fantasy / Romance

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: 5.2

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Tonatiuh and Maria experience a passionate and turbulent relationship. One night, in the heat of an argument, they suffer a automobile accident. Tonatiuh is left in a coma, and during his long dream he remembers his relationship with Maria. He wakes up for a moment and all he can see is Alicia, his nurse, whom he includes in his dreams. When he finally wakes up from the coma, Alicia is run over. A year later, they meet again. Tonatiuh feels like he knows her but can't pinpoint from where, and Alicia doesn't recall a thing, because now she has amnesia. They initiate a peculiar romance, but the memory of Maria comes back to haunt them. This is the story of unforgettable love, and classic gaslighting.

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