2nd Serve

2nd Serve


Comedy / Sport

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Owen "Game Set" Match is one of the top tennis pros in town, employed by the prestigious Fountain Club, with sun-bleached hair, gimp knees, and tan lines that make the women swoon. But when a history of bad decisions finally catches up to him, he's forced to pick up the pieces of his faltering career at the local YMCA club, where dysfunction is the norm. At the Y, a gang of culturally diverse, potentially psychotic, ADHD, OCD, and potentially half-special pros eagerly await Owen's tutelage. Owen immediately takes a liking to his new boss, Sherry, and befriends her son Jake in an attempt to hook up with the mother. But can Owen find meaning in life in the most unlikely of places? Can T-Shirts really talk? How many hard-boiled eggs can a tennis pro eat? Can an arm really die? What's it like to crap in a van with no windows? Owen reunites with his crazy high school coach, bringing inspiration and folly to the Y, sparking a series of showdowns, Chinese buffet throw-downs, and borderline smack- downs with his former pros at the Fountain Club. The final score will be settled in a classic duel with his ex-boss and high school nemesis, Charles, during the Combo Cup Tournament. With plenty of old man locker room nudity and chest bumps from local strippers, Owen will lead the Y out of the shadows and never hesitate to get all up in somebody's kitchen. 'Cause when it comes to anything Fountain club, "It's so on!

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