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Notions of identity find context in the themes of love, loneliness and alienation that pervade our protagonists. Tension between the past and present is linked to memory, desire, time, space and environment. A study of isolation and dislocation with a striking visual aesthetic, '1400' depicts the unusual love story of Rain and Summer. Rain and Summer's personalities and backgrounds are strikingly different. Rain is an orphan, while Summer's loving father owns the flower shop in the hotel. Through their eyes, 3 other stories are intertwined. An exploration of aspects of love: a married couple constantly meeting for rendezvous; a middle-aged man who insists on his dates wearing something from his deceased wife wardrobe; and a poor foreign girl who dreams of settling down with 'the right man'. '1400' laments how important love is to every one of us, to what extremes we go to make it happen, but in difference situations and circumstances, the outcomes may be more than we bargain for.

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